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Tripwire CCM Express
Maximize your IT resources, maintain control of your data, and be ready for audits – every day.

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Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager Express
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Tripwire CCM Express

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) Express


  • Compliance with Confidence — You don’t have to be an expert. The right solution incorporates and updates the latest regulatory rules.
  • Simplified and Fast Audit Readiness — Don’t waste time searching for actionable insight. You need timely and quick audit readiness that reduces cost and effort.
  • Control of Your Compliance Data and Policies — Maintain control of your sensitive business data and have full visibility at all times, on your schedule.
  • Affordable, Industry-leading Compliance with Achievable TCO — Avoid costly surprises with complete compliance, while maximizing your limited budgets and staff.

Easy Install, Quick Start Wizard, Fast Audit Readiness, Compliance Checks and Audit-Ready Reporting

Business of all sizes must comply with any number of regulatory and audit requirements. However, midsized enterprises often don’t have the resources, manpower and tools they need to deal with rapid regulation and compliance updates and increasingly complex audit requirements. Global compliance standards in 2014 had over 40,000 compliance updates.

Challenges include:

  • Compliance Policy Changes and Complexity
  • Available Expertise and Staffing
  • Limited Budgets
  • Sustaining Audits and Compliance
  • Growing Cybersecurity Risk
  • Rising Audit Costs and Shorter Timelines

The Tripwire CCM Express Solution

Tripwire® Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) Express addresses compliance challenges for mid-sized organizations and enterprise divisions with industry-leading out of the box policies, tests and audit-ready reports.

Tripwire CCM Express Capabilities

Easy Install

The only on-premises, agentless solution that enables full visibility, maintains compliance and reduces business risk. Installs in minutes—including its builtin database and pre-configured policies.

After installation, asset discovery can be rapidly enabled to discover all IP-addressed assets such as routers, switches, gateways, firewalls, desktops, laptops, servers and printers. Tripwire CCM Express identifies and assesses virtually everything on your network, all without requiring agent software on the endpoints.

Quick-Start Wizard

Tripwire CCM Express includes a quick-start wizard that automatically launches when you first log in to the system. The wizard guides you through the process of configuring network profiles, credentials and compliance policies. The wizard saves you time and effort to configure and deliver results within hours, instead of days or weeks.

Fast Audit Readiness

Tripwire CCM Express reduces the time and resources needed to prepare for audits. Agentless asset discovery, preconfigured policies, custom policy editor, and scheduled scans ensure that you control when and how your audit will go.

Compliance Checks

Tripwire CCM Express audits each system’s configuration and compares any configuration changes with relevant best practice and industry standard policies (e.g. NIST, CIS, Microsoft). Tripwire CCM Express also includes policies for specific regulations such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, NERC CIP and more.

Audit Ready Reporting

Tripwire CCM Express compliance audit scan results deliver a detailed and actionable view of asset compliance posture. The system also delivers prioritized guidance on which findings to address first.

Complete Coverage with Agentless Technology

Tripwire CCM Express can monitor a wide variety of systems not typically monitored using agent-based methods (e.g. routers/wireless routers, switches, gateways, firewalls). Tripwire CCM Express provides scheduled and on-demand audits.


Tripwire CCM Express’ agentless technology, quick-start wizard, industry leading compliance content, and ease-of-management lowers your cost of compliance for regulatory audits and minimizes risk. And enjoy increased system uptime by ensuring your systems remain configured in compliance with organizational policies.

Tripwire CCM Express Aggregate Results
Fig. 1 Tripwire CCM Express Aggregate Results from enterprise scan, with Percent Compliant and Risk Scores, plus actionable details.

Tripwire Security Configuration Management
Fig. 2 Tripwire Security Configuration Management - Tripwire CCM Express and Tripwire Enterprise - covers the entire enterprise.


Asset Discovery

Quickly find all assets within your environment, create and maintain a hardware and software inventory—most organizations find at least 10–15% more assets than they realized were present in their environment.

Configuration Compliance Audit

Easily assess network infrastructure devices, desktops and servers for audit compliance, with visualized and actionable color-coded prioritization.

File and System Integrity Monitoring

Most compliance standards require some type of file and system integrity monitoring for assets “in-scope.” Tripwire CCM Express monitoring can be on-demand or scheduled, and provides change deltas from prior assessments, giving trends and insight as to how the environment is maintaining compliance.

Patch Compliance Audit

Know if your critical systems have the latest security patches applied and fulfill many compliance requirements to keep systems current, patched and hardened against possible cybersecurity threats.

Audit-Ready Reporting and Dashboards

Different audiences within the organization need different views of compliance, trends and audit data; Compliance, IT Security, IT Operations, and executives all have specific information needs that can be flexibly and visually presented based on roles.

Continuous Compliance

Overall these capabilities combine to help enterprises achieve continuous compliance rather than a highly variable status as they prepare for “point-in-time” compliance, and has been shown to reduce compliance and audit readiness costs by 25–40%.

Pricing Notes:

Tripwire Product
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager Express
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