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Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager
Automated, Agentless Configuration Compliance


Tripwire Product
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager
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Auditing the configurations of IT systems and monitoring changes in those configurations is critical to reducing security risk and achieving compliance. Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) is an enterprise-class solution for discovering and agentlessly auditing systems for configuration inventory and policy compliance. Tripwire CCM automates configuration auditing, change monitoring and configuration compliance processes, providing a clear picture of system configurations and the compliance impact of configuration changes.

Tripwire CCM automates configuration auditing, change monitoring and configuration compliance processes, providing a clear picture of system configurations and the compliance impact of configuration changes.

Key Features

Cover the Extended Enterprise
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager utilizes active and passive scanning to discover and audit the configurations of all networked systems.Tripwire CCM includes a wide variety of scan modules that provide highly detailed information on the configurations of a variety of systems, including desktops, laptops, applications, firewalls, routers and switches. These modules profile systems for specific characteristics, such as application configurations. Application-specific scan modules include anti-virus, Cisco routers and switches, Microsoft Active Directory, databases, web servers, and firewalls.

Agentless Architecture Delivers Lowest Cost of Management
Tripwire CCM utilizes a completely agentless architecture, requiring no software to install on the monitored endpoints. This provides ease of management across the largest networks, highly cost-effective deployments, and the ability to profile every system in the enterprise. Tripwire CCM’s agentless architecture provides comprehensive coverage with the industry's lowest cost of ownership.

Automated Configuration Compliance
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager continuously discovers and identifies all IT systems, including servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, firewalls, and enterprise applications. It also regularly enumerates the configuration of each system and any configuration changes, providing detailed information on thousands of configuration variables. Tripwire CCM assesses virtually everything on your network, from routing table entries and ACLs to Active Directory group policy objects and application misconfigurations - all without using agents. Tripwire CCM can also monitor the integrity of designated files, a requirement for PCI compliance. Tripwire CCM’s configuration assessment capabilities and easy to use policy engine make it easy to tune and modify your custom policies.

Next-Generation Architecture
Advantages of Tripwire CCM’s architecture includes ease to deploy, ease to management, complete network coverage and low cost of ownership. Tripwire CCM deployments utilize the same distributed Device Profiler appliance as Tripwire IP360 – in fact, the same Tripwire Device Profiler can be used for either Tripwire IP360 or Tripwire CCM. Device Profilers profile all systems on the network, identify the operating system, applications, and vulnerabilities on each host, and send the discovered data back to the management server. Tripwire CCM performs System Hardening using configuration assessment techniques and File Integrity Monitoring on IT systems.

CCM Express

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (CCM) Express

Out-of-the-box policies, tests, and reports for PCI, HIPPA, SOX and more keep mid-size organizations audit-ready.



Ensuring that systems are always properly configured is critical for compliance and security initiatives. But gaining visibility into system configurations and their compliance status is a significant challenge, especially with the rapid rate of change in enterprise networks. Additionally, demonstrating to auditors that systems are compliant can be a manual, time consuming project that is inefficient and potentially ineffective.

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager (Tripwire CCM) automates enterprise-wide configuration auditing, patch compliance auditing, change analysis and file integrity monitoring, providing continuous visibility into the compliance of IT system configurations and the impact of changes. Its integrated policy engine compares actual configurations to internal policy or best practice benchmarks, and prioritizes the risk and compliance impact of configuration changes.

Automating configuration auditing enables a greater level of security and dramatically reduces preparation time for IT audits conducted for regulations such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. Tripwire CCM’s continuous change-centric process lowers costs and increases uptime by ensuring that systems also remain configured in compliance with organizational policies.

Using innovative agentless technology, Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager continuously identifies all IP-enabled systems that are active on a network, including servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches and firewalls. The solution then enumerates the applications and configuration of each system, providing detailed information on thousands of configuration variables. Tripwire CCM identifies and assesses virtually everything on the network, from routing table entries and access control lists to Active Directory group policy objects and application misconfigurations, all without requiring agent software on the endpoints.

Tripwire CCM continuously audits each system’s configuration and compares any configuration changes with relevant best practice and industry standard policies from NIST, CIS and Microsoft. Tripwire CCM also provides policies for specific regulations such as PCI, SOX and HIPAA.

Patch compliance auditing is a critical step in reducing security risk and achieving compliance. Tripwire CCM includes capability to audit for missing and unapplied patches. Whether managed through the CCM Console or an easy-to-use report, you can quickly identify which systems have missing patches and can proactively alert the system owners to help reduce your attack surface and harden your systems.

With Tripwire CCM you can easily view Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) scan results all in one place, produce a compliance report and confidently assure our agentless technology leaves zero trace on the systems scanned, demonstrating SCAP compliance and report results for a Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program.

Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager’s robust reporting capabilities and web-based dashboards provide details on the compliance of system configurations through a range of customizable reports—from technical reports designed for IT and security teams to compliance framework reports such as CobiT, SAS-70 or ISO 17799—for managerial and audit audiences. The automated reports make preparation for IT audits efficient and comprehensive while the dashboards give administrators a variety of real-time perspectives into the compliance status of every system on the network.

Tripwire CCM can also be integrated with configuration or change management processes to address any configuration compliance deviations identified. When the solution identifies out-of-compliance configurations or changes it can immediately notify administrators, open trouble tickets and update the CMDB. Additionally, issues can be prioritized based on the business value of the assets affected.

The Tripwire CCM agentless configuration auditing solution provides four key technology breakthroughs that enable fast and effective audit preparation:

  • Agentless Architecture—Because it does not require the installation of software agents on devices, Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager can monitor a wide variety of systems not typically supported by some agentbased applications, including routers, switches, and firewalls. Monitoring of mobile devices can be made operational by a small team in a matter of hours. Tripwire CCM even provides file integrity monitoring without the use of agents.
  • Integrated Policy Engine and Rich Policy Library—Tripwire CCM comes with a rich library of pre-built policies, including prescriptive policies from NIST, CIS and Microsoft and regulatory policies including PCI, SOX and HIPAA. The policy engine enables easy customization of these policies and for creating new ones. With just one click, you can even create a policy based on the configuration of a particular system (such as the “gold” image for new servers).
  • Configuration Change and Patch Audit Analysis—Tripwire CCM not only enumerates the configuration of IT systems in detail, it identifies how these configurations are changing and whether these changes require attention—including if patches are missing. When Tripwire CCM identifies a compliance deviation, it can escalate the issue in a number of ways, including alerting administrators or opening a trouble ticket. Further, all configuration changes are recorded for audit and control purposes.
  • Open Architecture—Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager can operate standalone or as part of a federated CMDB, such as the HP Universal CMDB and the IBM Tivoli CCMDB. Tripwire CCM is the authoritative source of policy and compliance data for the HP Universal CMDB, and it provides the sole source of policy and compliance status into the IBM Tivoli CCMDB.


  • Patch compliance auditing
  • Agentless file integrity monitoring including checksum, change originator, file size, version creation date and modified date
  • Sophisticated risk prioritization algorithms identify the most urgent problems
  • Flexible reporting and dashboards provide compliance data to the appropriate audience


Download the Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager Datasheet (PDF).

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Tripwire Product
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager
Tripwire Configuration Compliance Manager
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